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Individual / Relational Therapy with Steve Schklar


Individual treatment is often the first type of Psychotherapy people seek.


Sessions are generally once per week at a regularly scheduled hour. In the beginning I may suggest meeting more frequently for a while if your situation warrants.


In these 50-minute sessions we will begin to discuss in some depth what has brought you to treatment and what change(s) you wish to make or symptoms you want to alleviate. Our conversations will be interactive and you will always be free to ask any questions that occur to you.


For some clients this will be the first time they will have had a safe enough environment where their deeper thoughts and feelings can be experienced and possibly verbalized.


I will pay close attention as you begin to reveal your life experiences and relationships so that we can deepen our understanding of the issues that brought you into therapy.


During this process we will likely revisit times in your life when some important decisions were made and behaviours were established.


In time, working together, we will come to understand enough to enable relief from persistent patterns and establish new more useful ways to enhance your life/self experience.

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