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Why Therapy?

Any of us may become scared or frustrated by events in our lives. Sometimes parts of our lives just don’t seem to be working out. We may become unhappy and come to an impasse. It is inevitable that we come face to face with a crisis of illness or loss. Some may have experienced a relationship breakdown or disturbing dreams and memories. Any one of these can make life seem overwhelming.

Even when we find the courage to admit what’s happening, those closest to us are not equipped to help us. At these times it is often helpful to talk with a trained counsellor or therapist.

Crisis is not required.

Many people are interested in understanding how they have come to be who they are  They wish to learn and to grow emotionally, spiritually, and in their ability to be more in touch with what life has to offer. Often they wish to improve relationship patterns.

Some reasons people seek treatment:

  • Emotional distress – Relationships, Family, Work
  • Abuse – physical and/or sexual
  • Substance abuse or Addiction
  • Eating disorders and/or Body image problems
  • Anxiety – Phobia – Panic
  • Personality disorders
  • Depression or mood change
  • Sexual and/or Marriage-Relationship difficulties
  • Life management – Stress management
  • Job and Career planning
  • Help with decision making, good choices
  • Reality checks